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- 2-D Top Down Action Adventure. - Ability to use multiple spells with different functionality. - You are Rita, trapped in a dungeon and have lost all your spells. Fight through the subsequent levels, reclaim your spells and destroy the final boss! - Made using the Unity Game Engine (Free)


Space - Use Spell F - Interact Q/E - Cycle spells T - Dash K - Kush P - Pause W ASD  - Movement L SHIFT - Strafe

Current Issues: -Character has all spells unlocked from the beginning. -No narrative/exposition. -Graphical glitches PLAY IN 1024x768 RESOLUTION!

Peter Pham - Project Lead, Programmer, Art, Writing, Level Design, Game Design www.linkedin.com/in/peteranpham/

Omari Straker - Lead Programmer, Bad Art, Writing, Music, Sounds, Game Design www.linkedin.com/in/omaristraker

Jacob Day - Music, Menus, Game Design jmday1996@gmail.com

Cecilia Tran - Lead Artist, Concept Art, Game Design chinero94@gmail.com

Wilson Loi - Game Design wiloigal@gmail.com

Dennis Hsu - Game Design denniseh7@gmail.com


SpellCraftFixed.zip 29 MB

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