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Everyone clash as their path crosses each other.

2 to 8 players or AIs. Maximum of 2 teams.

Press the Space during the title or character selection to see the controls.

The game plays somewhat like Super Smash Bros. where there are the basic attacks and a button that does special attacks. There is also motion input special moves.

Motion input list: Neutral Special: +Attack A Upward Special: +Attack A Forward Special: +Attack B Downward Special: +Attack B Hyper Special: +Attack C (with Max SP Guage/Purple Bar) Counter: After guarding a hit with Defense+Attack A or +Attack B or Attack C Dodge: Hold Defense and press  or 

Shortcut input list: Neutral Special: Special Upward Special: +Special Forward Special: +Special Downward Special: +Special Hyper Special: Special (with Max SP Guage/Purple Bar)

Next implementation: > Character balance (if we receive any feedback) > New characters (depends on the designer) > Story mode

Please send any feedback or comments to:

Glenn Pham: Main Programmer, Artist

John Pham: Assistant Programmer, Artist

Kristi Loo: Character Artist

Travis Tran: Background Artist


Clashing Code v08.exe 84 MB

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