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Aim higher or quicker!  Keep breaking your previous records by achieving higher score or shorter clear time.

Created for ART/CS 108 class and for my achievement, in this platformer RPG game, you will be a random adventurer Cail, who seeks for random adventures and is through vast and perilous stages.

It is highly recommended to try finding ways to gain more score or find shortcuts in game, because you’ll figure out them. For instance, you can hit enemies’ back to deal more damage and quickly make him to defeat… and much more!

*Controls will be explained alongside tutorial stage.  Move:  OR AD Climb ladder:  OR WS Jump: Z OR E OR H/J/U Attack: X OR R OR Space OR K/L/I Select/Continue (Menu/Dialogue) : Attack OR Enter Cancel/Pause: Esc OR 1 *Pausing does not guarantee your character's safety. Make sure you're in secured place.

Note that each weapon has different controls to attack. Sword: Normal attack (+combo) : Attack Jump attack (midair) : Attack Stab up (normal/midair) :  + Attack Stab down (midair) :  + Attack

Version History: First release Fixed glitches on "HITS" graphics. Fixed errors due to Gamemaker behavior changes. Added support for WASD control scheme.

Leegeun Ha:
Producer, programmer, graphics (partly)
*For all details about assets used, licenses, and special thanks, check “credits” menu in game.


CailAdventure.exe 14 MB

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